[Proudmoore][A] Ascension <Eternal Kingdom> 5/10M, 8/9H Monday/Thursday 5-8PST

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Application information at

Team Ascension (5/10M, 8/9 H) is a Mythic raiding team with Eternal Kingdom. After solidifying our roster in Nighthold, we're looking for exceptional players to join our ranks for Tomb of Sargeras.

Raid Schedule: Monday & Thursday 5-8 PM

About our Team Most of us are 40 hour per week working adults or full time college students. We raid light due to our real life schedules, but with folks willing to be diligent and efficient during our six hours per week. Working with Eternal Kingdom's core values, we have tailored our team to create an environment that is enjoyable, relaxed, and hard working. We will never raid past 8:00PM, as we respect your time and real life commitments.

About our Community Kingdom Gaming is a large community consisting of 4 guilds, 12 raid teams, friends, and family. We pride ourselves in having a positive, all inclusive guild which houses players with varying degrees of experience and time able to be devoted to this game. For more information, please see

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This is an awesome team that is a part of an extremely active guild. If you are looking to have fun and still progress in mythic content, come join us! 

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