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BM Newbie needs youre help please :/

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Hi together,

i need youre help please.
I am a new hunter to the game playing on the realm eredar.
Beast Master specialisation

But i dont know what i am doing wrong as i really dont do any damage :/

I have one Legendary as 4-part Tier Set.

I will include a log file from my last training on a dummy as i will also put my arsenal log here.

Combat Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/fT2GCLaVrYhR31Mw/#view=analytical

Arsenal : http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/eu/eredar/baddapowpow

So, what is wrong ? As askmrrobot tells me that i should make around 480k dps and i can do whatever i want, i will not make more then 400k on the dummy. Why ?

Please help me and thank you in advance !

Best regards,
Your hunting brother,

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Firstly, so sorry I missed this post, I accidentally hit read on the entire section of the forum so I missed seeing it until just now. Normally I'm quite quick on the BM posts.

Okay, so just doing a quick check on AMR (not super accurate, I know, but better than nothing). It shows with the correct talents your simdps is around 640k. I can see a number of issues you can correct.

Your stat weights are WAY off, you need a LOT more haste. 7% is far too low, as BM haste is especially important, even more now in 7.2 with the implementation of Dire Frenzy in almost all situations. You want to dump some crit, versa and even a bit of mastery for some more haste. 

Blink Strikes is a useless talent now unless you've got consistent cleave, which is not really any fight in Nighthold. And Volley is only useful on fights where for the majority of the fight you'll be going up against 4+ targets, which again isn't really much of Nighthold.

You don't have 41 traits yet, the extra focus reduction for cobra shot is amazing, and Thunderslash is a flat 10%+ dps increase so definitely worth working toward.

Your relics really need updating, only one was Jaws/Pack; Jaws/Pack relics are worth more than 10 ilvls as opposed to another trait. If you get any relic that provides the Jaws/Pack traits that's within 10 ilvls of your incorrect relics, definitely replace. Your ilvl may decrease but your dps will certainly increase.

You need to make better use of the burst / opening rotation, the log you provided didn't even show you peaking at any point. Granted the boots are rather lackluster without shoulders or high haste to make use of the cooldown reduction effect, but that'll be easier when you get higher haste.

Best of luck and if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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Thanks a lot @Luthixx!

Really appreciate youre Tips.

But there are still a few questions for me ... 


First of all i will send you my new armory link as i got a few new items today and want to know if i work toward youre advice.


Link : http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/eu/eredar/baddapowpow


Second, how many haste should i aim for ?

Third, what program do you use to simdps my character ? 

Fourth, what talents would you change and why would you change them to that specc ?

Fifth, on my way to the trait 41 and 42. Have now Cobra Shot reduce full and heading on the final 2 skills from the new traits.


Youre advice concerning jaws/packs is good to know, thank you ... Will definatly aim for that now ... But today not even one dropped for jaws/pack ... 


Thanks a lot in advance for youre advice ... Really appreciate all youre tips.


Best regards,


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Your stat breakdown looks quite a lot better, which is good. 

Download a program called simulationcraft to find your stat weights, really easy only takes a few minutes. 

As for a certain percentage of haste there isn't an exact number to aim for, but download Pawn as an addon, and simulationcraft as a computer program and use the string it gives you to put into Pawn to determine whether an item is better or not.

In terms of talents just look at my armoury, aside from tier chest/non tier gloves on my character and a bad neck everything is pretty much what you'd want to aim for. 

The whole reason those talents are best is because Dire Frenzy gives a pet speed buff which increases your Beast cleave damage anyway, and it's higher single target dps and that's majority of nighthold anyway. Any cleave you have to do is bursty and doesn't need sustained cleave. 

Add me on andanath#1243 in game and I'll be able to help you better there. 

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I see luthixx covered most things here but regarding  haste softcaps you should have enough haste soo that boots reset KC completely during TW.

this is somwhere around 14-15%


Other than that just try to improve your burst( i.e hit KC until your fingers bleed) and try to lvl up you artifact.

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