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I did not complete class quest, hearthed away for repairs. I can find no way to get back. Checked for portals and FP's but no luck. If I abandon questline will I be able to restart?

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I don't know why your posts seems to be this angry, but this forum is far away from useless. There can be different reasons why you don't get an answer at all or not in time. People are working and if there is some time, they are also playing the game.  An other reason is, that we simply don't know an answer for a question. If not tha a same problem has happened to a member, how shall we know this cind of issue?

Usually you can abadon almost every quest and start it again. If there is no NPC, then have a look into your inventory, there could be an item to restart the quest. I really can't remember at a quest which was not restartable. Just take care if you have to pay a starting-tax (for exemple the solo challange for your artefact-skin). In that case you would have to repay the starting-tax.

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