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[PSA] Warlock Artifact Skin Challenge

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Feel free to comment more information and I'll add it into this post, for now it's going to be a little bare since the challenge is super new and I've been sick the last few days.



Pyromancer currently has the best guide IMO, I have not done the challenge myself since I don't have the ring and I got my ass handed to me trying to do it without it.



I haven't seen any good guides yet.



I haven't seen any good guides yet.

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I haven't done it myself yet (I did the Destro one first as it's supposedly the easiest) but I've heard for Affliction the Suramar Shock Baton trinket is a decent alternative to the ring. 

Unless you are a very highly skilled player I don't think any of the challenges are in reach if you are under 890 (and even then it will be painful). This is only going by all the comments I have seen and I could be wrong though. 

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hi guys, i completed it a different way but got the same result im ilvl 900 with sacrolash


talents : 3,2,2,2,2,1,3

pet infernal and doomguard

apart from spells , Advising keybinding pet movement and mortal coil

phase 1 : you start the fight off with infernal and place him oneside of karam and you stand the other side and the fight starts ,

after all the blah ,blah and karam turns to a red mob pop pot and when he says 'i obey' pop unending resolve and you will get hit dont freak out here your getting hit on purpose when you get flung into the air click your infernals special attack 'meteor strike' and karam will always , always attack your infernal , DoT karam up and dps him down taking special concideration not to over aggro your infernal and with high gear and whispers if you have it , it isnt hard, and also keep topping up infernal health.

somtimes (havent figured out) puddles of crap will drop where karam stands just keep you infernal there and heal your infernal through it and let the DoTS do the damage

at 40% move your inferal away from Raest (karam will go with him) and this is important stand at max distance with you mortal coil, at 33% when Raest starts talking launch your mortal coil , karam will be feared and Purgatory will not activate but karam will still attack your infernal but his health will not go up ......yet

at this point this is the end of phase 1 - congrats if you got this far


intermission phase 2 and 3 together - yup you get both intermission phases together just go ham on the adds and use Raest as a beacon use sow the seed and roll a couple of agonys off and get as many of the adds down as you possibly can just ignore going ham on Raest

after a time possibly 1:30 or 2:00 Raest  will speak again and put karam into purgatory and he will heal up at this point get to a safe spot and summon your doomguard


phase 3 : you will know its phase 3 as it says 'karam follows you for one last time'

from this point on EVERYTHING IS A DISTRACTION  

Karam : DoT him up and keep away from him ,

from here there is no difference from all the other guides other ppl have posted

these are your 2 prio :

Hands :  use your doomguard to interupt the 'grasp from beyond' when there is like 1-2 seconds to go , and DoT them down ,get these down asap as if you dont get them down fast enough there is a tendancy to have 2 of them

runes : just move your doomguard over them and let them take the rune, this is why you have the spell keybinded as so much is happening you dont have to worry too much about clicking

just igonre Raest still his downfall is to come

if you get a chance to unleash some ua's on karam then do it , it helps alot ofc

when karam dies its a cake walk with Raest , just watch out for the runes and kill off any small adds that are still alive (tbh there shouldnt be but just in case) 

the afflction weapon is now yours , congrats


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