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New SP looking 4 some help

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the logs aren´t bad, but i saw some mistakes in the Replay in terms of your cooldowns

First: Void Torrent; without 4pieces of t19 you should cast it immediately after you enter the VF in order to have the greatest possible effect of this 4 free VF-stacks. --- make sure that your dots don´t running out while VT is active.

Next: Power Infusion and Shadowfiend; You use it to late. Both still running while you fly out of your VF. 
so your SF lose the dmg buff and the haste buff of the VF and your Dots can´t stack the haste buff from PI with your VF

and you have to pay attention to the uptime of your dots. They should not be less than 95 % 
just one: the San Layn build with more mastery is in many cases better than Spirits with crit

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so it would seem from your comments that ive got a decent handle on the spec and just really looking at tweaking a few things such as

1. VT right out the gate and dont delay it until i get my 4pc

2.dont delay my PI and SF use when i go into VF

3. better dot uptime

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i ran my armory on AMR and i have been putting out about upwards of 100k less dps than i should be doing  which is unacceptable evebn in a lfr setting as im trying to really pump out as much as possible and have a really good handle on the spec as im looking to really get into doing mythic+ content and i cant be doing this bad as i want to carry my weight ......

so ive got alot of tuning to do ...

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