Holy/Disc Stat Weights?

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Hello! I'm looking to get into playing Priest, specifically with a focus on Mythic+ content as opposed to raiding. I did a lot of research on healing classes and figured Priest had some of the most versatility given its two specs, but ultimately decided I'm probably going to main Disc because the playstyle appeals to me a lot. With that said of course, I'm sure there's a few fights where Holy is better, especially if I do decide later to branch into raiding as well. So I've been looking through both guides and stat priority has me... not concerned, but curious. Disc is listed as Int>Haste>Crit> Mas>Vers Holy is Int>Mas>Crit>Haste>Vers. I get that Int is obviously king and Vers is less than ideal compared to literally any other secondary, but how should I deal with the other three secondaries with minimal flipping back and forth? The Disc guide mentions that not using Drape of Shame bumps Mastery above Crit by a bit as well, which brings Disc stat priority a little more in line with Holy's. Are there any suggestions on what weights to use in something like AMR? Are these weights off if my focus is primarily Mythic+ instead of Mythic raiding? Am I best served just by getting two different gear sets and dealing with the extra farming/gearing? Any and all help is more than welcome - I've got a ways before I actually reach endgame but I'd like to hit the ground running once I do so.

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