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Holy/Disc Stat Weights?

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Hello! I'm looking to get into playing Priest, specifically with a focus on Mythic+ content as opposed to raiding. I did a lot of research on healing classes and figured Priest had some of the most versatility given its two specs, but ultimately decided I'm probably going to main Disc because the playstyle appeals to me a lot. With that said of course, I'm sure there's a few fights where Holy is better, especially if I do decide later to branch into raiding as well. So I've been looking through both guides and stat priority has me... not concerned, but curious. Disc is listed as Int>Haste>Crit> Mas>Vers Holy is Int>Mas>Crit>Haste>Vers. I get that Int is obviously king and Vers is less than ideal compared to literally any other secondary, but how should I deal with the other three secondaries with minimal flipping back and forth? The Disc guide mentions that not using Drape of Shame bumps Mastery above Crit by a bit as well, which brings Disc stat priority a little more in line with Holy's. Are there any suggestions on what weights to use in something like AMR? Are these weights off if my focus is primarily Mythic+ instead of Mythic raiding? Am I best served just by getting two different gear sets and dealing with the extra farming/gearing? Any and all help is more than welcome - I've got a ways before I actually reach endgame but I'd like to hit the ground running once I do so.

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Hallo, my name is Dabria. I'm a 948 holy priest and off-specs a lot on disc 945. I've been playing both specs since late TBC/ early ICC. My highest Mythic+ done as Disc is +18 and I'm 4/9 Mythic as Disc (8/9 Mythic as holy), now you know me a little, this is what I would do:

To start off with Disc is a lovely spec, probably my favorite. The problem is they are so heavily based on gear and their playstyle is based on CDs. They are a super pick in a three/four healer comp, together with two HPS healers such as Shaman or Holy, Disc is perfect. They have all the right CDs, damage red. massive AoE heals and first but not least DPS.

But for Mythic+, I go for: Int>Haste>Versa>Crit>Mastery.
Int, explains itself. 
Haste, your haste is important, the more smite the more healing.
Versa, I would go for around 7-14%. Because you are a  pre-casting/CD healer. You don't really have any burst single target healing so whenever you can lower the damage you should. Also, it's a good pick to go Versa so you don't die, because hello... we are cloth wearers. On mythic +17 the cats from DHT normally 1 shots me with just the min. damage buff and I'm 945 ilvl as disc. 
Crit is important to reset your CDs and put our even more healing.
And of course, Mastery helps the amount of healing through your atonement. 

Two sets of gear are hard to do when there is not much changing from raiding and Mythic+, from a stat perspective. Maybe focusing on different trinkets or legendaries would do better. Velen is the absolute best for raiding but I would not recommend it for Mythic+. I would still go 'Soul of the high priest' and combo it with either 'Prydas' or 'Cord of maiev'. For trinkets you combo 'Velen's' with 'Medallion' or 'Decievers grand design', but for Mythic+ I would combo two of following: 'Sea star', 'Decievers grand design', 'Medallion' or 'Kil'Jeaden burning wish'. But again this is where farming and personal playing comes in. I have a lot of practice on Disc so I with all out DPS gear for mythic+ all the way up to +15 where it gets hard.

- I hope this helps a little, else you can just ask, I will keep an eye on this post and reply if you have further questions. You can also private message me, I would love to help you in-game. Wish you all the best.

"Dabira, signing off peace" *Levitates out over the edge and disappears* 

I apologize for misspelling or any confusion in my writing, do ask if you are confused.

Edited by Dabria

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I have quite a bit of priest experience as well. 20+ keys, Multi HotA exp, and i just wanted to say that HASTE is by far your lowest secondary stat as disc ATM.

Int>Vers/Mastery/Crit are closely tied>Haste by a large margin. This goes for Keystones or Raids.

Correct me if im seriously wrong but I am certain those are the current stat weights for disc atm:)


Holy scales a lot more as far as stats go, Int>=mastery (Very close tie)> Vers/crit> Haste (almost a useless secondary for holy atm)


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