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Crippling Wave Build with Raiment build

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Hey, I am new to monk and trying to get the gr70 solo down.  I have gotten most of the gear rq for Crippling Wave Build with Raiment.  

I tried a gr70 and just died :\ 
What kind of toughness and damage should i be aiming for before going into 70? (I Mean on my character card) 


I'm not great geared but i would like the chance of a perfect ancient drop ;) 



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Just cleared GR70 on my R6 Gen monk, I was struggling until I switched out my Witching Hour for a String Of Ears, and honestly having a unity on your follower and the cannot die relic is pretty mandatory.

Toughness with all active buffs goes up to 250 mil with my gear, but you still get oneshot if you get hit by a big ability, damage is pretty irrelevant in the sheet, honestly.

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Brighthammer has summed this up pretty perfectly, but I'd just like to add:

  • Proper use of dash is key in pushing as a Monk. Anticipate situations of danger and dash away. GR70 isn't a test of damage, it's a test of just staying alive and not letting your deaths pile up on the key.
  • Make sure you always have your buffs up - it's incredibly easy to let them drop while going between packs and then forgetting to rebuff them as you enter a fight.

Hopefully you managed to get it done by now, but this should help anyone revisiting this :)

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