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hello everyone
i don't think i do such low dps, but i still not happy with the results.
i'm the only demonologiest in my guild so i don't have anyone to compare to.
i feel like i'm down preforming and i wanted to know if i can improve it.


this is log from yesterday

my armory

what do you think?

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Mostly use the compare by item level on the rankings page to get an idea of how you are doing and also hopefully you'll see yourself getting stronger each week. Of course on farm with quicker and quicker kills (or not for some teams) these get quite skewed. Ultimately, I tend to want to be at the top of my guild so if they're mainly 80s I want to get 85 etc and so on.  

Some possible issues:

Unlucky with trinkets

You probably want Claw on neck

Some casting gaps  and you don't use Demonwrath as much as you should

Weak opener. Your burst is pretty low and some of that has to do with your late DEs post summons. Anyhow work on this as it will carry you over long into the fight

Mostly good but sometimes you munch Soul Shards (perhaps was unavoidable though)

DE uptime on the low side. Your worst being 59%. Also make sure you cast it pre-pull before your pot and after every summon/combined summon

Trillax is probably one of your better fights but on this:

At least 2 missed Dogs

2 missed TKCs (always make sure you get DoGs in these as at least two times over the raid you seemed a little late)

Lots of Demonwrath missing

You casted Doom 11 times. 100% uptime is great but to me that says something is going a little wrong with your rotation if you have to manually cast like that so many times. This is seen through out your logs so it wasn't just that you were doing feasts/cakes. Perhaps you may prefer to go the Power Trip route anyhow once you get more traits. But yes work on minimising your movement, always be casting though don't actually cast Doom unless you really have to

Try to sync your second pot better with TW-BL-Hero/other buffs slightly better

Good luck

Disclaimer: Always may be errors

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