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T-19 Holy Paladin - Drop bonuses for upgrades?

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Hi all,

I'm hoping to get some advice on my Paladin.  I'v just recently got back into wow in the past couple of months and have decided to start raiding again. First up will be NH HC with my guild to get better geared and eventually try Mythic Progression in both NH and ToS.

I currently have ilvl 888 and the 4 set bonus which I feel is actually quite nice, however I have been running Mythic+10 etc and have loads of gear that is 890,895,900 etc that are vast improvements over my set gear which is NH normal 875/880.

Now it seems according to everywhere that Crit is our best stat, Mast and Vers behind it and then haste so I have tried to avoid haste where possible and aim for Crit/Mast or Crit/Vers.

My current stats are as follows;

4 Piece set

Int: 42,863

Crit: 34%

Haste: 16%

Mastery: 32%

Versatility: 5%

If I use all my upgraded gear it's as follows,

Int: 43,220

Crit: 41%

Haste: 13%

Mastery: 39%

Versatility: 4%

Is losing the 2 and 4 set bonus worth the extra 500 int, 7% Crit and 7% Mastery? Ilvl remains the same 888 as I group a 905 neck for a 885 neck that has 1.5k crit and 1.1k Mast.

I'll be aiming to get my set bonus back in NH HC but I need help to know whether it's worth dropping right now for the raids or whether I'd be a better healer with it.

Any help you guys can give would be fantastic.


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Imo it's a toss-up, you gain 7% crit compared to a 5% crit on holy shock bonus which doesn't seem to be a huge increase. You gain 7% mastery but lose 3% haste and a touch of versatility and also the extra charge of infusion of light.

A lot depends on your own play-style, do you tend to stack with characters you are healing making the most of your mastery, or do you play at range where mastery doesn't have much effect? [close in is better with the new gear]. Do you use holy shock as your core heal, or do you use it as a filler when moving?  [the set bonus is stronger with more holy shocks]

I can't really give you a definite answer as the truth is I don't really know. This forum seems very light on healing information as well, hope this helps a bit,

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Hey there!


I've been Holy paladin since BC and am currently in the top 3 on my server group. The set bonuses are pretty meh, but the 2 set bonus is a must in my opinion. The 4 set is bad because using THAT many flash of light's usually ends up in a mana issue in heroic and especially mythic. Crit becomes much less important past 35% because since holy shock has double crit (70% at 35% base crit) it is almost always going to crit. On my Paladin I stacked crit to 40% and then focused mastery.


If you'd like to talk in real time come by my stream/discord this afternoon (~3pm start time). twitch.tv/butterybuttermilkbiscuit

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