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Can we get Pawn strings for EVERY WOW Class?

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I have to admit Azor's Hunter pawn strings are working great for me, but I feel something's a bit lacking on the site : Current pawn strings for EVERY class, not just Hunters.

As it stands now, we know the default ones for Pawn are garbage, and we know Noxxic's somewhat unreliable when it comes to their information ( but as it stands, they are the best strings we have for every class that you can just copy and paste, other than Hunters).

Is there any way we can get current, good pawn strings included on each class ( Preferably on each spec's stat priority page)? It would be gratefully helpful for a lot of players. I hate having to use the the Noxxic ones for my other toons, and I'd like to prevent people from being forced to use the bad information Noxxic gives.

Oh and Azor, good work, but you may want to move the 2 MM and the Surv strings to their respective stat priority pages. I doubt people will think to look on the BM stat priority page for those strings. I was lucky I main a BM hunter so I found them by accident and plugged them in along with the BM one.

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There are a couple of problems with this to be completely honest.  First, Pawn strings are really and truly only "true" or correct for 1 gearset.  The reason being is that the value (weight) of a stat depends on how much of it you have compared to how much of the other stats you have.  To be completely accurate, you would have to re-simulate every single piece of gear you get to see how the weights change.  Obviously, this seems like quite a lot of work and requires the knowledge of how to do so.  

Second, different fight types can favor different stats.  For some classes/specs, stat values can change widely going from a Single Target to having waves of adds coming in throughout a fight to having multiple targets up for the majority of a fight.

And finally, this process only really work well for DPS specs.  For tanks and healers, you have to take into account different damage patterns and mechanics that can't be programmed into a simulator.  This makes it much harder to give accurate stat weights for these specs.  Tanks can gear for either an offensive gain or defensive gain, and each one has it's merits (do you need more damage on a fight or more survivability?).

What theorycrafters will do (some, at least) when they put out a single pawn string for a community, they generally put out a sort-of amalgamation of Single Target and Multi Target values.

And finally, to quote the Hunter Discord:


Sim yourself with Scaling Enabled to get your own Pawn String. Weights are different for everyone.

And the Rogue Discord:


Stat weights are specific to your character's current talents, gear, stats, etc. If you'd like accurate stat weights to put into something like Pawn, please use SimulationCraft to generate your own. Remember, you will need to update your weights somewhat often for accurate gearing suggestions.


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