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Sim showing vers/crit better then str

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Hey folks,


question here has anyone elses sims started showing some of there stats being waiting above str? started running sims again today after picking up another couple items and all of a sudden str is simming lower then vers and crit even running it multiple times curious to see if anyone else is having this happen, and if so explain to me why.

i ran the sim prolly 10 times to see if maybe it was an error and str only came out above crit 1 time





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Simming can give super correct info or super wrong if not set up correctly. Its also hard to run a sim specific to the exact type of encounters we are facing in NH and upcoming ToS. 

The primary stat thing was removed i think in 7.1.5, with Blizzard wanting us to focus more on secondary stats in order to give more gear more viability. It all depends on the situation also, whether tank and spank or add heavy. 

You would also need to manually enter what your exact build is, in order to get the most accurate stat weights, as SC can assume certain talents are used, like BoW or zeal for example and maybe a lack of DH. 

A big part in stat weights is also the legendaries you have, for example if you have the cloak, the value of haste pumps up, even above str depending on your current str amount and other gear. 

If you have bis ring then haste drops a good bit due to the hp generation in crusade, and crit/vers rises massively in value. 


At the end of the day, sims can be good to an extent, but only if you know how to use it very specifically, and raiding at a level where min maxing is necessary to progress. If youre not in that situation, you wont go wrong by following Str > Haste 20-22% > Crit > Vers > Mastery (Changeable with legendaries). Dont forget simming unless changed aswell sims a perfect scenario, which is almost impossible to achieve. 


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