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Resto pawn stats import

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so im trying to find [Stat Priority pawn code]for Resto druid  so i can import in pawn, and i found noxxic only so far, and people telling me noxxic fucked up


if someone have some let me know.

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Short story: Get this weak aura.  It does everything for you but put the weights into pawn.

Long story:  There is no long story.  The way you generate stat weights (for dps) is you run a character through a simulator and artificially add X more of each stat (1 at a time) and divide the dps gain by X and there's the stat's weight.  For healers, that's not quite so easy to do.  To quote Blainie:

On 3/27/2017 at 5:20 PM, Blainie said:

Super late here, but hopefully you're still interested:

  • Damage sims take a very specific encounter type and then apply that to the patchwerk model.
    • This means that the damage numbers are always slightly inflated, due to no movement, perfect conditions etc.
  • For healing sims (these did used to exist), you need to create a HUGE variety of simulations in order to actually create the proper conditions.
    • For DPS, it's rather black and white. They are either moving, or not, and they are either hitting one or multiple targets, right?
    • For Healers, there are a multitude of differentials, not limited to:
      • Type of tank
        • Are they someone that takes a huge amount of damage and just outheals it?
        • Do they create their own shields?
        • Do they use AM to stop damage?
        • Do they require chained externals to survive?
      • Type of damage
        • Magical
        • Physical
        • Sustained
        • Burst
        • Multi-hit vs. one-shot
        • Level of mob hitting the tank (boss vs. trash)
      • Types of encounter
        • Raid-wide damage
        • Tank-damage
        • Group soaking
        • Proximity damage
        • Burst damage due to tactics

Essentially, you need a crazy amount of different sims to run to get an answer, and you then need to work from there. The WA that Orthios linked essentially does all of this recording while watching people play in real time, if that makes sense? Rather than going and working out a situation for a trash pull of 3, a trash pull of 6, a magical boss, a physical boss and some group-wide damage, you can simply run the WA in a single dungeon of 20-30 minutes. As more and more people do it, information becomes more accurate and feedback means the WA becomes better, basically.

The maths that people do by hand is often easier than trying to write multiple different sims, essentially, where you need the correct rotational input etc. - instead you can use raw healing numbers and calculate it yourself.

Hope this helps!


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