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Unholy DPS help

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Hello death knights!

i fell in love with the death knight and started to play is as 2nd alt.
i love the Unholy spec more then frost.
i got it now to ilvl 885, have 2 legendaries (The Instructor's Fourth LessonThe Instructor's Fourth Lesson and Tak'theritrix's ShoulderpadsTak'theritrix's Shoulderpads) and 4 set
i feel my damage output is really low.

log from yesterday

my armory

i didn't have my legendary shoulders equipt though. i still didn't upgrade my class hall, also i didn't have food buff
i would very much appreciate if someone can review my log and point what i'm doing wrong 

thanks in advance ;)

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I am no UH expert but your dps is not bad. Your not using food and you only have one legendary equipped and your dps is decent. 



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now i equipped the second legendary, which i couldn't equipped in the last raid.

beside that,
i look in the ilvl% and i find myself really low.
so i guess i'm doing something  wrong

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Looking at the ilvl % you're not low at all, knowing : 

-one of your trinket sucks

-the second one isn't that good either (I've got 885 DoS and it's still behind my 860 Arcano)

-you lack mastery

-this is not your main alt

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I'd suggest using outbreak a lot more, especially on multitargets. Cast it on someone that's not going to die in 2 seconds and it will spread to all the lesser mobs. Just make sure it's up all the time. I was having the same prob with low dps and using outbreak more than the clawing shadows/death and decay burst bumped my dps up by like 150k. Also I can't see what relics you're using but look for Plaguebearer it will really help. Also you want your master high. Don't think like a frost dk and go "mastery ewww I need haste!!!!!!!!!" no you want mastery. 


Here's a google file from the Unholy Discord that I found useful too.




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From looking at what you are running the only things i can think of is that you may be

1-miss timing your draught use

2-you should be running ebon fever not bursting sores

your minor stats look like they're in not too bad of a spot for your current ilvl but if you could get your hands on a trinket different trinket if draught timing seems to be too much of a pain. If you decide to hold it cause it is a very useful trinket for a unholy dk make sure you wait until your ghouls on pull get 3 death debuff stacks which come from your armies of the dammed artifact trait.

Another thing to make sure you do is that on pull to use dark transformation last so you get the buff on gargoyle and ghouls from your shoulders bonus. If you have any questions i'm a unholy dk currently 902ilvl. But honestly just changing the bursting sores to ebon fever you will notice a difference. Hopefully this painfully long comment helps you out somewhat

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