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Beginner "density-agnostic" builds?

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Hey, with the start of a new season and my return to Barbarian, I found myself struggling to find a nice grift build for the <60 range. I realised that many of the solo builds out there (not only limited to barb) NEED high-density grifts to thrive, and at lower levels these builds become increasingly more difficult, and that's where you already have the burden of poor gear and (possibly) relative inexperience with your build and playstyle. I've been having a hell of a time trying to not lose Furious Charge stacks all the time in sparse rank 50 grifts, causing me to abandon that build for the time being. In the past WW had the same issue, being unable to sustain fury where density is consistently low throughout the rift. Likewise with Firebats WD -- the narrow radius of Firebats means you'll just clear too slowly in lower solo grifts. And don't even get me started on the Archon wizards.

Some builds, however, are density-agnostic, at least in terms of ability mechanics (eg. leapquake barb or helltooth gargantuan WD). These builds are ideal to start out the season with to farm gear, gem-ups, and push into those dense 70+ grifts.

I kinda wish I didn't have to learn this myself with every new class I try. I think it might be a nice feature to include on your website, to indicate this somehow with the different builds. Or maybe there's some other resource that can serve this purpose?

Thanks in advance!

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Super late here, but I just wanted to say:

The beginner builds that we list are generally the most ideal to be used with very little gear. Because you have such a tiny damage output, you often need density focused builds since you can't efficiently play otherwise. You need to stack mobs and then essentially whittle them down while cheating the damage requirement by using AoE attacks/procs that do more damage than they should with the gear you have.

You can find them for every set/style in the Fresh 70 guides and they are built to not require a set.

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