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Memento vs Enttwind

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Hey there

I had the chance today to get my Memento of Angerboda. Right now I have Enttwind Elemental Foci (890) , Memento (890) , Blood Thirster (865) and Horn of Valor (880).

I want to know which combination do you guys and gals prefer to use? Memento or Enttwind ? which one is better?

I have the 4-set and using the standard build (Boulderfist - Hailstorm - Crash Lightning - Tempest) ( I have the Legendary Finger and Chest as well)

Thanks btw


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If you are using the 4 set and not the bracers, you should not be running hailstorm


other than that use the foci/momento, but try to run mythic en and get bti.

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