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Worlds Collide is a pretty casual guild just trying to get some more progression. Most of our raiders have been playing since at least BC/Wotlk. We are 10/10 H looking to start on mythic progression. We’re looking to add to our core raid group to get a solid 20 people and start on mythic. We are mostly in need of some dps and maybe a healer.

Our main raid days are Tuesday 8-10 server time and Wednesday 8-11 server time. We also use Friday as an optional day to clean things up or do a random raid. Sundays are our alt raids where you’re more than welcome to bring an alt to be carried.

We don’t have set times for mythic+ but most of our members will run them to at least get a 10 done for the week. PvP is the same, we don’t have anything set in stone but will occasionally have people partaking in it.

While being geared for mythic would be nice, it’s not a requirement as long as you can prove your ability and show up to get geared during our heroic nights.

If interested send a message on bnet to warriordan#1721 or message anyone in the guild ingame.

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