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Shadow looking for help/advice

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Hey Guys,

i am here looking for youre help or advice.

I am playing my shadow not that regulary anymore due to the massive problems of dps.

Here is my profile : http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/eu/eredar/baddabämbäm


I really dont know why i am doing even on askmrrobot that less dps.

Where is my problem ?

Rotation is like written. Mind Blast, Vampire Touch, Shadowword Pein till 65 Madness, then use as of my 4set Tier Parts 4 Mind Bolts, as they are insta, then use the Dagger, and then go with Mind Bolt, Mind Blast and Mind Flay.


But even with my gear i cant single dps more then 420k or so.


So, maybe my talents suck ? Or is it really my tempo that needs to be fixed ? Maybe i should by the legendary shoulders and go all on tempo ?

I really dont know what to do.

So thank you in advance for youre kindness.

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i look at your charakter in terms of talents, gear and stats 

Talents: if you always play with misery, pls chance it (for raids). Misery is a PURE multidotting talent which you only use in M+ or in fights like Illgynoth. The better Choice is Power InfusionPower Infusion.  (use it 10 seconds after you enter the voidform)

Stats: with 887 your crit is to high (without Unstable ArcanocrystalUnstable Arcanocrystal or Sephuz's SecretSephuz's Secret) . When you play the  San'laynSan'layn build, try to have more mastery than crit. 
10k haste, 4k Crit, and rest Mastery

and one little thing: Your Weapon/relics are maybe a bit low for that Ilvl

all in all the dps is not bad, but you see, there are some points which you can improve 

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