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Elemental Shaman Help

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Hi guys,


i want to ask for some help with my Elemental. i dont really know why i cant get higher rankings with my gear, so please give me some advices.

If someone could spare the time to check all the bosses (mythic priority) it would be very nice, so thanks. :)






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Hi. It seems your mastery is very low. you are missing almost 20%.  It also a possibility that you are pooling your maelstrom and not using it enough (i.e. more earth shocks/earthquakes).  As for using lightning rod as a talent with multiple targets, make sure that once you actually make your primary target a lightning rod to switch to another target.  This is to get multiple targets turned into lightning rods at the same time.  Many just target one in a group and simply spam without changing targets.  your uptime on elemental blast buffs are very low as well. in scorpyron fight you had the buff for barely 1/2 the fight.  As for the Trilliax fight, you are probably just suffering from all the movement with how much down time you have in the timeline. figure that out and your damage should rise significantly.

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Your trinkets look to be an issue. Like Hindrigan says your mastery is low. You don't want that much haste if you're not doing AOE, so single target is suffering. 

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