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GoSup > GoSac?

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So I've read that GoSup is the new choice for affliction, but I have questions on this.


First: What about multi-target fights? Would having the buff on all of your stuff be better than having just a better pet that can still only hit one thing?


Second: Along similar logic, what about AoE?


Will GoSac still be better for Destro fights where you're firing off CB after CB?


Will GoSer still be best for Demo or will that want GoSup now as well?

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Grim of Sac buffs MG, DS, and Haunt.  How would that be better for multi-target fights?  That's why it was a poor decision in 5.3 for multi-target fights and was ONLY good for single target fights.  With the 10% nerf, Grim of Sac is less than Grim of Supremacy across the board.


Grim of Sac wasn't changed for Destruction, so any time you use Ember consuming abilities with high frequency, Sac will be good.  However, Supremacy is more consistent and better overall.


Only people playing Demo will still have UVLS and will consider Grim of Sac to buff Imps.  Serv and Sup were so close, it was a preference to choose between them. 


As always, all of these are fight dependent.  There is no 'clear winner' for any spec except Affliction which will always go GoSupremacy.

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Yeah, ignore that first part. I was so ridiculously tired this morning. My slumber was interrupted by the sound of gunfire.

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