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Doomguard + Haste/BL

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Did I miss this somewhere MMO-Champs 5.4 Aff guide  states that Doomguard now benefits from Blood Lust .



Doom Guard:
Your Doomguard now benefits from Bloodlust and deals bonus damage when under 20%. He also updates dynamically with your stats - there is no need to wait for Int or Haste procs before you summon him - although summoning him when their internal cooldown is soon to expire will be beneficial, to ensure they proc whilst he is out. 


Did I miss something? Can I get a confirmation on this or not? As far as I knew Doomguard always cast a set number of bolts. This also says he updates Dynamically with stats.


The 5.4 Affliction Tips and Quirks says hes casts 17 bolts and snapshots stats.


Could I get some clarification on the topic please, and thank you! :)

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It still updates dynamically and it still casts 17 bolts.  The upside of using it with Bloodlust is that you'll get your bolts out faster, hopefully in line with your other buffs, ensuring more bolts are buffed.

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