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wow Patch 7.2 - Anduin Wrynn Broken Shore Cinematic

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Alliance players are able to complete a quest line revolving around Anduin and at the very end, you'll get Artifact Power and a cinematic!

Before we delve deeper into the subject, please note that the quest line contains major lore spoilers.

Anduin Wrynn

Most of the story deals with Anduin's inner struggle and the father-son complex. Varian was a great King who sacrificed everything, a Hero to the Alliance, yet Anduin gets emotionally destroyed just by finding his father's compass. You accompany the disguised Anduin to the Lion's Rest, then you sneak to his advisors - Velen had a vision that Anduin becomes a great King one day. Anduin wants to see the horrors of the Broken Shore (and sacrifices of his people) with his own eyes. Finally, you escort him in front of the Tomb of Sargeras as he insists to see the place where his father fell. 

Alliance players can start the quest line by looking at the Broken Shore map. They'll notice a yellow question mark "!" in the sea. After collecting the compass, you accept the first quest.

A Found Memento

  • <The trinket's fine brass exterior is inlaid with intricate filigree, though much of the detail has been battered by rocks and waves. Clearing away the grime and salt encrusting the clasp, you manage to open it. It is a compass--or was, at least. The glass face is shattered, the needle bent, unmoving. Set into the lid is a portrait. The paint is faded and waterlogged, but the subject is unmistakable: the face of a young Anduin Wrynn.>
  • You'll need to wait a day before the second quest becomes available at Deliverance Point.

Summons to the Keep

  • Greetings, <name>. Your presence has been requested in the royal court. The crown has urgent need of you! Please return to Stormwind at your earliest convenience. King Greymane is anticipating your swift arrival.

Consoling the King

  • Anduin hasn't been the same since you brought him his father's compass. He has become listless... distracted. We attempted to console him, to no avail. Yesterday morning, he left the keep without so much as a word. I ordered the guards to follow him, of course. He went to pray at the cathedral, where he's remained ever since. You brought this melancholy upon him! You must convince the boy to resume his duties. There's a war to be won!

A Kingdom's Heart

  • My father was a legend. He oversaw the rebuilding of Stormwind, stood toe-to-toe with dragons, led the Alliance to numerous victories. Then, one day, he was just... gone. I wear his crown, I hold his title. But I've done nothing to earn them... or the faith of my people. I've spent the war sequestered in the keep, surrounded by guards and advisors. I need to walk the streets of Stormwind, to know whether it is hope or fear that beats in the hearts of my people. I welcome your company.

The King's Path

  • Now that I have seen the Broken Shore and the terror of the Burning Legion first hand, my eyes have been opened to the truth. I speak not of the unfathomable evil of the enemy, but of the bravery and sacrifice that such evil brings about in the hearts of our people. My father once told me that every king must carry the weight of his own crown. Mine has never felt heavier than it does at this very moment... Please take me to the place where my father died, so that I may honor his sacrifice.
  • After completing it, you'll get Ravaged Wristclamp StrapRavaged Wristclamp Strap, which Horde players do not like as it is a free source of Artifact Power for the Alliance, yet the Horde don't have any part in it. There's even a blue post talking about possible reward compensation for the Horde.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

The Anduin quest-line and cinematic is intended to tie together the loose ends with the leadership of the Alliance following the events of the Broken Shore in 7.0.

It's aimed to be similar in nature to the second cinematic Horde players saw following the 7.0 introduction quests which solidified Sylvanas as the new Warchief of the Horde.

We're forwarding on the feedback that Horde players are unhappy that Alliance players have a one time source of additional Artifact Power. Thanks for the feedback.

Anduin Wrynn Broken Shore Cinematic

The cinematic's played right after you escort Anduin to Wrynn's Fall, where Greymane and Velen await your arrival.

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i'm a horde player and i actually do not care much for the artifact power thing, the cinematic is just epic

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3 hours ago, Stan said:

It's aimed to be similar in nature to the second cinematic Horde players saw following the 7.0 introduction quests which solidified Sylvanas as the new Warchief of the Horde.

I haven't seen the cinematic yet and would assume it's epic as only Blizzard can do (prefer to watch it on my PC at home).  I would venture to guess that this cinematic is a similar "passing of the torch" type display that we got when we watched Vol'jin pass on the mantle of warchief to Sylvanas at the beginning of Legion.  If this is the case as a horde and alliance player I'm glad the alliance finally got something to the effect, and it would be nice to give the horde something regarding the AP alliance is getting, but either way it's just a game and I couldn't care one way or the other really.  But this should answer the question of "i'm horde where's my quest?".  Or at least hopefully answer it anyways.

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The Horde got their version of this immediately following the Broken Shore Scenario that launched the expansion.


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Here i was thinking horde would get a cinematic of a depressed Thrall going back to the spot and Voljins ghost compels him to quit being whiney and rejoin the horde or some junk. Didn't dawn on me that horde had the extra cinematic since the beginning. oh well, it was neat to see. 

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On 4/21/2017 at 5:27 PM, demonardvark said:

Here i was thinking horde would get a cinematic of a depressed Thrall going back to the spot and Voljins ghost compels him to quit being whiney and rejoin the horde or some junk. 

so much green jesus hate

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1 hour ago, Blainie said:

so much green jesus hate

i'll be real here, I was ally until cataclysm then switched to Horde, I really loved Garrosh as a warchief. Even his whole story if you look at like Nobbels videos is actually kind of tragic and that. I never cared much for thrall but he is the iconic warchief and nothing is really wrong with him except that he cheated in his fight with Garrosh so the elements gave him a time out and he QQ'd about it. I mean with Voljin's death there could be a great story for Thrall redeeming himself reconnecting with elements blah blah blah. Metzen may have voiced him but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to trash can the character. So, I see it as there being room to make Thralls story complete instead of just "walp elements gave me a timeout imma go quit being shaman and cry somewhere". A rather poor end to one of the franchises biggest characters.

Even then when considering it Ally has gotten a bit more robust story telling with their leadership than horde so far. Ours was "we broke another warchief, we need a new one, old one ran away because he didn't wanna get broked". I'm sure sylvannas will likely have some big redemption moment or something but, it be nice for horde to get some sort of continuous leadership that also knows what its doing. *cough voljin did nothign aside from darkspear rebellion cough*. Although Thrall made mistakes, reconnecting deeper with the elements, atoning eternally for his mistakes, could shape him to be a proper proper warchief and he would work great with Anduin as more peacekeeper lets be friends kinda thing. That would remove the whole faction hate thing but I feel that's been a tenuous plot point at best for some time. 

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6 hours ago, demonardvark said:

Even then when considering it Ally has gotten a bit more robust story telling with their leadership than horde so far.

I do wonder if this is just a reflection of the two factions - the Alliance is slightly more focused on that ordered society, at least in my opinion, where a king is king because he is king, if that makes sense. It doesn't matter if someone is stronger than Varian, he was the king. It doesn't matter that Velen is a far more powerful priest than Anduin - Anduin is king because he is a Wrynn.

If you look at the leadership of the Horde since its formation, it has always been about strength. The fact that you can challenge a Warchief to Mak'gora for no reason other than wanting to become Warchief is pretty crazy. Blackhand was Warchief because he was powerful, but the real leader of the Horde was Gul'dan, because he was more powerful. Doomhammer killed Blackhand, albeit because he felt the Horde was going the wrong way - but nobody saw this as some treasonous act. It was a fact that Doomhammer killed Blackhand and became Warchief and nobody cared. 

I just think that the Horde is basically destined to keep losing leaders until the orcs are no longer the dominant race. Maybe having Sylvanas as Warchief now will solve it, but who knows? 

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