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Frost mage wanting to go fire..

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Hey guys ive been throwing the thought around of swaping too fire.. and pretty much wondering what everyone thought.


im pulling good dps atm but its just doesnt seem to be going up at all, and with the patch going live im now running 526 ilvl and still it hasnt gone up much at all.. 


soo heres my gear




how would i reforge/gem my gear for fire?



Cheers for reading.

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I'm ilvl 529 currently. I realized the same thing a few months before this patch, frost is just too "easy". But it was comfortable and predictable. Now, I even went so far as to change my name to Scalded (surprised this was available on a high pop server).


It took a little while to get used to the play style. Being that RNG rules fire, you need around 35% crit+ (I'm at 40% currently). With the tier bonus, add +5%=fun.


And even though in PVP gear your crit drops to around 33%-35%, once you get the play style down, it's probably one of the funnest classes in the game. Simulators don't do fire any justice.


Just regem crit. Red = 80 INT/160 CRIT, Yellow = 320 CRIT, Blue = 160 CRIT/160 HIT. Reforge mastery into crit. Haste is still pretty good, but reforge to crit if you have the option. Then, as Vlad said, use Mr. Robot to fine tune it.


That being said, I got the legendary cape with frost. And I still HAVE TO switch to frost for soloing some raids. Also farmed the white raptor on the isle with frost. But once you get used to fire, you'll never want to go back. cool.png


EDIT: You may want to ask Mr Robot before gemming, I just looked up mine after a little while, seems I need expertise gems now... go figure.


(ALL) Red = Crafty Vermilion Onyx 160 EXP/160 CRIT,

(ALL) Yellow = Smooth Sun's Radiance 320 CRIT,

(ALL) Blue = Piercing Wild Jade 160 CRIT/160 HIT.  


I'm losing 600+ INT but I've learned to trust Mr Robot despite my hesitancy.

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