Need a pro look at my MM logs an help:)

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could anyone of the pro logviewers could take a look at give me some pointers how to improve my DPS

My opener seems to be "Ok" as i can top or be top 3 til my Trueshot runs out..after that its like jumping off a cliff without parachut:(
i feel i "do as it should be" but clearly iam doing something wrong

Tnx in advance

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I'm not an expert as i play only BM spec but MM Hunters are supposed to use Piercing shot, Volley and Explosive Shot on NH (except on Trilliax, Krosus and StarAugur).

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You have very few parses (and you seemed to have died in some of those, making them unusable), so I would initially go with just saying that you need more practice. The MM rotation is very strict about hitting your aimed shots at the end of patient sniper for maximum damage, so it's easy to undershoot it or overshoot it. Practice matters a lot, and the exact timing will vary slightly with your Haste. You also need to know when you are going to have to move in advance, so you don't end up breaking your cast at the end of Patient Sniper. Most boss mechanics allow you to move to position in advance (which you can optimize during global cooldowns). Many hunters end up losing a lot of dps from being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You don't need to use the meme build, top MM hunters don't use it, so your talents are fine. I haven't used MM for a while so I can't say much more. Hope someone more experienced can give you more advice.

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