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choosing a main

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hey iv, for the past month or so ive been in a struggle of choosing a main, ive narrowed it down to my bm hunter,my fury warrior and my ele/ench shammy.

i find them all fun, though i prefer shammy and warr over bm hunter.

ive been leaning towards warrior alot as it seems to be the topdog in singletarget fights,but the shammy has better aoe options.

help a lost soul make a choice


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Simple answer, hop on your warrior, do LFR. Now hop on your shammy do LFR. Which did you have more fun with? That should be the deciding factor not necessarily dps charts. One patch or item nerf can hurt the spec bad. Now warrior does typically have one of its two dps specs at the higher ends of the carts most tiers, while shammy has jumped around, currently enhance is still doing pretty good. 


Play whats fun and makes you happy bears, but if more max dps performance concerned Warrior does typically has at least one spec on the higher ends of the charts. 

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