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901 Resto Shaman - Fix my healing

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My healing raid team consists of a resto druid, mistweaver monk, holy priest and myself for progression. When we have things on farm we tend to 2 heal most fights to speed up the kills.  We tend to have good raid healing and the HPS is competitive even though I am a lower ilvl than my co healers. 

I have the gloves and ring for my legendaries. I also have the boots, legs, and neck. I realize I have more crit than needed at the moment but I can;t lower it with current gear without sacrificing ilvl/Int. I have the ability to equip the 4 piece but was told that value is around 15% stat gain and my other gear is a 20%+ stat gain so I am only using a 2 piece. 

As far as rotation, I try to keep HST on cd, since I have echo and the gloves it is a good sources of healing. I am not a fan of the cloudburst build considering we tend to top most people off before the CBT can trigger or have enough heals to matter. I put Riptide on tanks unless someone is delaing witha mechanic or needs quick healing and it will trigger Tidal waves. I have been working on weaving HS and HW into my rotation so it is not a CH spam and also so my ring can buff my CH. Other than that, I use HR if we are grouped up along with EST. I use AG for a mini burst cd. 

Please help me find what I am missing. Ever since patch I feel my healing has been weak. Am I doing something wrong or are druids stronger healers atm. The jokes of being a weak healer are starting to get old. 

Thank you in advance for your help.

Armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/aerie-peak/Tùcker/advanced

Resto Druid Armory (Raid lead and co-healer) - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/aerie-peak/Vantrair/advanced

Logs: 2017-04-21 Heroic NH - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/DrfYqXcG9amKgj2w/

Tucker - Gear.png

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One thing I noticed that could help you quite a bit is that you have overall a few low number of Healing Rain casts and considering our new 30% boost to it, it very much helps. Krosus for example can cover tons of people with the Healing rain and you had 2 total casts on a 3min+ fight. 

As for legendaries, I would advice to use the boots instead of hands because the boots offer a very good boost in NH where people often can stack up giving a better overall +% healing compared to 1 extra second of Spirit Link and 1 extra tick on Tide totem. 
The extra totem seconds are very good on Mythic while they barely makes any difference in HC.

You mention that CBT isn't being effective because people are already healed up but that either means you guys don't need more healing or you are not using it right. You can quickly supercharge a CBT in 5seconds for a big raid heal.

Example being: 
Throw a Healing rain -> CBT -> Queen+Ancestral Guidence (fast enough to double dip the artifact burst) -> Throw a chain-heal or something while you wait for the next free Queen to hit -> Detonate CBT while guidence is still up for the double dip again.

That is around 5seconds and will create a big raid emergency heal which if using boots as legendary helps even more. In general though just popping down CBT for most of the fight and pre-maturely detonate it when needed is often around 10% of a resto shamans total healing done.

I personally never use a single Chain Heal ever though since I play differently so can't really compare things 1to1 :)

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It's normal that in a 4 heal configuration, the Shaman is going to be the one to suffer, because of our Mastery improving healing when health is low. It looks like now you are on farm, 2-healing and absolutely killing it, so you've got to be happier with the state of things now!

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