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Heya fellow huntsmen!

I would just like to know, to which degree the Tier Set Bonus (Eagletalon) outweighs the stats on other non-set Items, say you have iLvl 890 Gauntlets with Crit Mastery, but if you wore the 860 Raidfinder Set Gauntlets (Crit, Haste, Socket) you'd get the 2 Set Bonus.

Is there any way to judge which would fare better, DPS-wise? Let's just judge just for a single target, 4-5min Fight, since for short fights, the Set bonus wouldn't really have that much of an impact than the stats on the gauntlets of much higher iLvl.

Input would be really appreciated!

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2set bonus is mediocre but 4 set is phenomenal, if the dps is around the same without the 2 set then no need to push it but if you can get 4 set you'll want that straight away regardless of stats and ilvl. 

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