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SP assistance needed. Logs attached

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Hi guys,

Trying to help the misses improve her DPS. Shes a little bummed that she hasn't seen a great improvement even though her gear is at a pretty decent level. I have attached a link to a log of a fight from last week which is mostly single target and where she seems to be struggling. Any pad fights seem to go pretty well.


I will also attach her armory so you can have a look at gear and stats. I don't really have a great deal of experience with logs so I am hoping I have provided enough info for you to pick it apart and see where we can improve. She doesn't like to use Simcraft, apparently that's not very helpful for SPs?



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The first thing I gravitate towards immediately is that she is running Auspicious over San'layn, generally you would run Auspicious with maybe 35% crit, overall San'layn is better if she isn't specializing in crit. The next thing I see is that she is using Power Infusion at the end of Time Warp, she should try to use it around halfway through and pop her Shadowfiend along with it since the shadowfiend scales off of haste and with Time Warp stacking with Power Infusion it gains a huge amount of momentum. With the addition of stacking the two together she should be allowed to combo her void bolt and mind blast together; going void bolt into mind blast into void bolt and filling the half second delay with a mind flay before jumping back onto her combo. Let me know how it goes.

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