Questions about weapon damage vs. damage range, and stat priorities

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I've noticed that in different guides, under the stat priorities for weapons, sometimes it lists "weapon damage" and other times it states "high damage range."  Are these different wordings referring to the same thing?  I'm guessing that damage range is referring to the elemental damage range listed on a weapon under the primary heading?  It will say "+1305-1583 Cold Damage" for example.  There is another damage range listed under the large white "damage per second" number.  I'm guessing it's the one under the primary heading though since the other numbers are derived from the primary stats, but I just want to be sure.  "Weapon damage" is rather vague, and could mean a number of things.  I didn't see any kind of master legend or glossary that details exactly what these kinds of terms mean on the site, so please forgive me if that information is here somewhere but I've missed it.

Also, another question regarding stat priorities on gear.  Should the overall goal be to find every stat listed on a given piece of gear, even if some of the rolls may be rather low, or is it better to weigh the stats more according to the order of the priority?  For example, let's say the listed stat priority for shoulders says 1. Dexterity, 2. Vitality, 3. Cooldown Reduction, 4. Area Damage.  If I have a shoulder piece with all those stats, but maybe the dex and vit rolls are on the low side, and I find another shoulder with high rolls for those, but it's missing area damage (assuming I've already enchanted the gear) then would that shoulder be better even though it's missing area damage, or would having all the stats, even if some are low, be better overall?  I'm sure the answer to this may vary from build to build on a case by case basis, but I'm just looking for a more general guideline.

Anyway, thanks for all the great guides on the site; they've been very helpful.

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Super late (Sorry!), but to answer your questions:

  • Damage range refers to the "XXXX - XXXX Damage" option on weapons, where the Xs are replaced with numbers.
  • Generally, it depends on where the stat ranks. If, in your example, AD was the #1 priority for that slot, you'd take the one with AD on it. If it's 4th, you'd just take the ones with better rolls. If you're comparing medium to high rolls, you take the one with every stat on it.

Sorry once again!

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