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Shadow Crit Build?

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I'm looking for a bit of advice on stat weights and viability when running with a Crit heavy shadow priest. 

I'm about to start leveling my new priest from scratch and since I love my little Shadowy Apparitions, and therefore the Auspicious Spirits talent, I'm thinking of going for the crits. 

So, any tips on how my weights should look or insight into how well I can expect to compete with more Haste/Mastery focused shadow priests?

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Auspicious Spriest can be kind of dicey since you are relying on crit RNG for a bulk of your damage, not to deter you from playing it, just know that a lot of people prefer the consistency of flat mastery over crit. So you will want to still prioritize haste since it increases the rate at which your DoTs tick, so as a result at 110 you would be looking to have around 10-12k haste for a fluid rotation. And obviously you would want to dump everything else into crit.

A huge tip that I can think of for auspicious spriest is that you should try to get as many relics with unleash the shadows as possible. Each rank gives your vampiric touch crits a 15% chance to summon a spirit. Since you wouldn't be looking for much else in a auspicious priest you could just dump everything into it for a 100% chance of summoning.

As far as races go, I would highly recommend Blood Elf since their 1% bonus crit would heavily benefit your cause and their other racials are just generally great. Another viable option is goblin, the 1% haste is also pretty great. If you are looking for a more flexible race pandaren are the way to go, the food buff gives roughly 2% to either haste or crit so it would be up to you to chose which one you want.

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Using auspicious spirits is an ok choice depending on how much crit you have compared to mastery. Once you get around 23% crit you need to start stacking mastery while not falling below 10k haste, as mastery value increases as crit increases. To go for a more mastery focused build with san'layn you want 4k crit or so with the same haste above and the rest in mastery.  Performance is still close between the two talents it just depends on the crit mastery ratio. 

Unlike the above guy said, having the vampiric touch relics or to the pain ones will give you more damage than unleash the shadows. 


You don't need auspicious spirits to have the ghosts. They just boost their damage and give them insanity generation.  

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