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7.2 Best order hall & champion choices

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I remember seeing a complete guide which order hall upgrades to choose for each class but somehow this is gone. The guide available is not upgraded for 7.2 no matter it says so. Also is there a champions guide. I wanna optimize my selection. I am mostly interested in the Shaman choices.

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Here you go.



Two options, depending on how much you hate Magatha. laugh
1) Avalanchon, Scaldius, Celestos, Muln, Hydraxis, Magatha. Pros: all 4 Elemental Lieutenants! Cons: Magatha.
2) Myrla, Avalanchon, Celestos, Muln, Nobundo, Hydraxis.
Notes: Rehgar is still a really good Combat Ally even with flying - indoors areas and instant-cast ground for short trips make zoom-zoom-wolf-mode good.
Magatha's item is a 2HP troop that gives 40% success. Not great, it's Scaldius and Magatha vs Myrla and Nobundo, none of which are great. laugh


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      Hello guys,
      Right now I have 3 legendaries in my possesion and I would like to know which combination would be the best for 7.2 with the upcoming changes:
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      The NPC that manages the upgrade (Lore and Legends) doesn't show me the interface to choose the upgrades, I can only use a dialog option that tells me how the High mountain helped build the lodge.  This has been going on for a few days now.  Any ideas?  I have 3 other characters at various levels all with working order hall interfaces, this is the only problematic one.

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