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Trinket Timing

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Hello fellow Netherlords!

I have a recently ended up in a strange predicament and need some assistance. I'm an Orc Lock and have recently acquired both Pharamere's Forbidden Grimoire & Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish

I'm just curious, in a single target fight should I just pop lust and both trinkets with my potion and my racial since both damaging effects from the trinket have travel time? 

Additionally, if it's a single target fight, should I just keep both trinkets on CD?

Also, for you Orcs out there. Is it optimal to use your racial every time you use Thal'kiel's Consumption? Or is it ok to just save it for 2nd Lust / Heroism?

Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom! 

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2 hours ago, Gothie said:

80 views and zero replies. Gee thanks guys :)

Most of the views were likely bots and people that didn't know/wanted to know themselves. Your post was up for less than a day, no reason to be rude.

I don't play demo,  I d/e Pharamere's everytime I get one because it is a horrid trinket, and I've not been unlucky enough to get a KJBS.

I have no answer for you and your avatar creeps me out. That's why I didn't reply to your post until now.

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