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Retri Paladin 7.2 extra artifact bits

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Sorry the title is a bit strange but did a search and found nothing. My problem is at 110 running retribution I got a quest to go to outland right by the portal. Finished up talking to the council in the violet citadel. They asked me to step back into the circle and get the weapon upgrade. I did and it said something like wrong spec. so changed to Protection and it worked. But the Ashbringer is maxed out with 20 in the last talent spot. What am I missing to get the correct quest to upgrade the Ashbringer . Many thanks


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It seems like you completed the questline to empower the Protection paladin weapon. It's possible to pick up the Protection quest even in Retribution spec, because the quest for empowering any paladin spec's artifact weapon will be available as long as that weapon has 35 traits unlocked. (I was able to see the Holy spec quest even in Ret spec.)

The correct questline for Retribution (Fate of the Tideskorn) will bring you to Stormheim. You can find more information on the questline at http://www.wowhead.com/empowered-artifact-traits-in-patch-7-2 .

How this starts: As part of the campaign questline, Khadgar will give you the quest to discover a threat on the broken shore (! The Broken Shore: Investigating the Legion). You'll have to kill mobs in the broken shore until you come across the item "Gilded Scroll Case", which gives you another item "Scrolls of the Faldrottin" and it starts the questline.

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