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BoS Up time

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Hello guy's , i have a question about a true use BoS. 

1) i have a SoN (leg. ring)

2) it's a head .

My up time BoS on Training Dummy is max 72 sec. (2stuck HRW)

I can't understand what wrong i do.

It's me 


at this moment i have 

crit : 23%

haste : 27% (i know . too much)

mastery : 28%

i don't have too much practice , i play 1 mount for dk frost . 

Help up m skill :)


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Seems ok to me :S

It's worth checking with your group when timewarp/lust is up as you can use this period to spam without using a charge of HRW.

Other than that it's hard to know what you may be doing wrong... do you have any logs?


You have some solid numbers on most fights, not amazing but still what I'd expect at your gear level.

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found logs

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72 seconds with just the ring and  without bloodlust or belt is pretty decent. This is actually quite decent, but its prolly only that long because of your high amount of haste - try to swap it for some crit/mastery.

Here is my rank 1 star augur heroic log:


As you can see my first breath is roughly 100 seconds, but thats with belt and ring and 21% haste - 72 seconds seems quite decent to me. Just remember to hold off using HRW for as long as possible - it''s risky cuz you might fuck up and lose breath, but it could extend the duration by a few seconds. 

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