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[Question] UVLS for Afflic//Destro 5.4

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With the new patch and after seeing some of the new fights, I wanted to change specs, my plan is to go Afflic//Destro for SoO, I was playing Demo//Destro on 5.3, and now that I´m switching specs, I was wondering wich trinkets should I use.


Currently I have: Wushoo Normal, UVLS TF Normal, BotH RF and Shado-pan VP Trinket.


I know wushoo is a default choice, but I have read some posts about UVLS not being that good for afflic/destro, but it have the highest ilvl of all my trinkets, also it will be difficult to use the proc in some cases, specially as destro. at least that´s what I think.


So guys what do you think? Which trinket would be the best to use with Afflic and Destro?. 


I want to use afflic as a main spec and destro for fight where I need more AoE or more burst dmg. currently raiding 10man N.


Here is my armory if that helps.




I don´t know why the armory does not show my cloak but currently I have the legendary Cloak.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Use it until you get ANY of the new trinkets then immediately swap it out.  Only because at least the static Intellect makes it better than the rest for you.  You can still get off the ocassional snapshotted set of DoTs as Affliction, but it's been worked that the best way to use UVLS as Destro is to throw up Immolate and Conflag as you gain tons of Embers this way.  Just replace ASAP.

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