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my current stats are: crit 28%, haste 15%, mastery 74%, versatility 1%.

I'm wondering is there any cap of mastery for ferals? any suggestions if  should switch some mastery into other stats?

P.S. was using simcraft - it was showing weird info - almost all stats were about 10-11 so it didn't help much:(

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My Simcraft is showing the following:

Stat Weights

Agi: 19.48

Mastery: 14.92

Crit: 14.7

Vers: 14.5

Haste: 12.14


I'm just starting to try to figure out Feral though. I have Luffa and Symbiote right now, since I normally tank or heal. I'm working with a 906 ilevel, and it's looking like you're safe stacking mastery until you're blue in the face. As far as I can tell, there is no diminishing returns on mastery for DPS ever. Also, everyone's weights may change based on ilevel and legendaries. So if you sim, go with your sim in my limited experience.

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More Mastery is good period. In fact, provided that you also have enough Critical Strike to be satisfied with your CP generation, Mastery only gets better as you get more of it. On the other hand, Critical Strike will have diminishing effects past about 40% as the main benefit of the stat is increased combo points. I recall that when I was tanking as a druid in Pandaria, the stat that we were supposed to stack was Critical Strike, because the more of it you had, the more Rage you produced from your abilities. Combined with the old Resolve mechanic, you could Lay on Hands your own bear ass over and over and over. Some top-tier bears were getting to damn near 100% crit chance by the time Siege of Orgrimmar was on farm. That's the only time I've seen things get that extreme.

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