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Hello, friends!

Can you tell me if a holy priest can out-DPS a disc priest against a single target/training dummy? I am unable to compare the two on my own because my priest isn't 110 yet. Of course I do not plan to play some kind of "Holy DPS Raid Spec", I am merely curious.

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On aoe, yes. Holy will outdamage shadow on short lived adds with holy nova. 

However, it's about even with disc in terms of damage, probably less or more depending on how often the little holy guy procs and if the disc is using power infusion or mindbender. The only thing is, they are both healers and heal differently. A smite from a holy priest is a GCD  in which no healing is taking place. A smite from a disc priest has the potential to do so much healing on top of damage.

Can they did decent comparable dps? Yes, but the disc priest is healing and damaging at the same time compared to a holy priest having to weave damage between healing spells. 

Hope that answered your question at a minimum. 

Ps. A fully attoned lights wrath with the 500% damage buff destroys :)

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