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Hi there,

I'm struggling really hard trying to output a merely decent DPS as Unholy. The raid leader is already complaining about my meters and unfortunately I have to agree with him.
With that in mind, I come to this forum asking for some help/tips on how to take the best out of my toon.

Issues I have:

1 - Opening:

A-When using bracers+shoulders I usually: Army at 5, outbreak, FS until 6 wounds, Apoc, Gargoyle, Dark Transformation.

Is that the optimal opening? Whenever I don't get 6 stacks with 2 Fasterings, I just fell that the whole rotation is screwed up and my DPS is going to be terrible. Any tips about that?

I got the legendary Helm earlier today and decided to also try Blighted rune weapon for the first time. In that case, what would be the best opening?

2 - Runic Power:

I feel that I spend a lot of time being runic caped but I'd rather spend runes than runic. Is that wrong? Using the legendary helm, should I focus more on Death Coils? Is it worth spending runic power over runes?



Logs: These are our logs from the last 2 raids: (as I got the helm today, I tried using it a few times and for that reason I might have screwed the rotation)


Legendary items:

Helm (not how to maximize it's utility)
Shoulders (should I always save Dark Transformation to Apoc?)

Stats (flask + 375 Mastery Food):

HELM -  
Strength 35.389
Mastery 82.96%
Haste: 19.29%
Crit: 23.72%

Shoulders -
Strength: 35.283
Mastery: 89.92%
Haste: 18.71%
Crit: 19.64%

Additional info: I'm in Brazil, so my ping is constantly at 160 ~ 180ms


Any help is really appreciated as I'm feeling terrible about my performance :(

Thanks in advance and sorry about my bad english.


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Your DPS is actually pretty good.. I am a bit higher ilvl and dont do a huge amount more then you but we are pretty close.

Your stats are pretty nice, although if possible id drop more crit for more mastery. I know that is always easier said then done.

As far as your opener goes you should be doing the following. I can get upto 1.2 mill single target and sustain around 850 + a lot depends on the fight as well.

Also, if you have the shoulders legendary i would use those over the helm and yes you want to use the BRW talent..

Army at 7 > Prepot at 1 > gargoyle on target > Outbreak > FS x2 > Soul Reaper > Apocalypse > Blighted Rune Weapon > Dark Transformation > Spam CS until full RP and Necrosis/CS spam after.

I also have a DoS trinket that gets cast at 3 stacks which is a massive amount of dps increase.. I am not sure if you have that trinket or not.. It scales nicely with Mastery.. im at 90 or 93% right now unbuffed. 14 crit > 19 haste

Doing this opener should allow you to just spam Nec and CS without needing to cast a festering strike again to apply more wounds, that's actually a dps loss for us on our opener.. 

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