Tips, Macros & Keybinds [Frost]

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Just a little thread to share/trade working and effective methods that you use to simplify/streamline your play. If you just want macros skip to the end of the post.

Where possible my binds are class neutral, so every key does basically the same thing (see notes against each key)

#1. As a guy with large(ish) hands I move my main movement keys next to the numpad (Home, End, PGDN, Delete) this helps me to feel for my action keybinds without mashing others under my hand due to the empty space above the arrow keys. It's probably counterintuitive to most people and really it's just something I inherited from my competitive CS/Quake3 days. Plus not everyone has desk space to push the keyboard that far over. (right-handed)

#2. I prefer to minimise modifier key setups due to the number of misclicks (failure) I do, but should I reach the point where I cannot be effective with individual keys I may transition.

The binds are then:

Insert: Interrupt (combat) and mount.
Enter: AoE (Howling Blast)

On the numpad:

7(Home): Resource generating abilities (Obliterate)
4(LeftArrow): Spender abilities (Frost Strike)
1(End): Secondary spenders (used more on other classes)
0(Ins): Jump
.(Del): PTT Voice Comms

Arrow keys:

UpArrow: Directional AoE (SIndragosa's Fury)
RightArrow: Heal (Death Strike)

If you try this out, make sure you keep numlock on at all times ;) (it helps if you have a programmable keyboard that can remap numlock to something else, or to a macro)


WheelUP: Speed boost macro (Wraith Walk/Worgen Racial)  
WheelDN: Active Mitigation Panic Macro (Anti-Magic Shield, Icebound Fortitude + Deathstrike)

The macros:

/cast [combat] !Mind Freeze (rest is Litemount addon code)

/cast Obliteration
/cast Pillar of Frost
/cast Remorseless Winter

/castsequence reset=45 Wraith Walk, Darkflight

/castsequence reset=60 Anti-Magic Shell, Icebound Fortitude
/cast Death Strike

Useful stuff:
DK WeakAura:

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