Kil'jaeden's vs. Roots (Survival)

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I am wondering if in a single target situation how much of a difference there is between Kil'Jaeden's and Roots (provided no iLvl loss) for Survival. Here's my toon's armory link if that helps (I am trying for a Convergence of Fates but no luck yet).  

My Character

Thank you in advance.

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www.askmrrobot.com for a basic estimate (not the most accurate but will provide a good enough guess).

Import the settings from the addon from your character in-game to see what combo works better. Ideally it comes down to what other item you'd be using. If you've got a BTI for example you'd be FAR better off using the legs as opposed to the trinket. In pure ST I would however assume legs over trinket anyway, purely because the stats are good and there are a number of better ST trinkets.

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