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Hey there, just looking for some advice on what I can do to improve.

is my armory link.


Here is a link to my logs


i feel I do OK but still want to improve.  I just capped my artifact weapon and unlocked the 1st level in the last trait which is where it will end till i cap my other specs off as well.

I am in a casual guild and I don't do many mythic +'s  so my ability to get higher end gear is fairly limited since we really only started Heroic NH a short while ago.  I believe my stats are out of whack as well but there are so many different comments on stat priorities so I understand they are more fine tuned to a player and their play style i guess.


any help or tips are very appreciated.


Thanks for reading

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I agree that you're doing ok.

You seem to have a solid HPS throughput. My opinion is that if you want to improve, increasing your impact on the raid survival, you need to slightly sacrifice HPS in order to get better.

for that you'll need to sacrifice cenarion ward.

1/ Either use abundance, not used often by druids but it's very powerful in some situations (when shit happens). It is especially good if you have a boomkin in the raid (another inervate) because abundance cost a LOT of mana if you go crazy with the healing touches.

2/ Or use Prosperity + soul of the forest. Swiftmend is our only "Oh shit" instant heal. 2 is way better than one. It will buff your next ae heal with soul of the forest so you can use it to boost your HPS.

On a side note, I'd use displacer beast instead of the self heal. I used to play with the self heal, it is good, but the blink is way better IMO, you can evade high damage aes, or quickly catch a mate gone out of sight.

That's all I have :o). Keep in mind that there are better classes to snipe heals on low HP mates, so your current build is still a nice build. But you know, using abundance or prosperity provide some changes in the gameplay, which is always something nice (and abundance is great for mythic runs !)

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