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In a dilemma

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I am stuck in choosing a new(ish) class to main. I've been a long time Altoholic and would love to just stick to a class, along the way I have learned what I do and don't like about certain classes.


Since 5.4 just released, I think it's safe to assume unless a class is completely "omgGodbroken" they are going to pretty much stay the same through out.


Anyway, I am stuck between a Warlock, Mage, and Paladin. Generally I don't like raiding as melee otherwise I'd run with my rogue neither do I like PvPing as ranged, weird I know.


What I like in a class in relatively high burst and survivability with the ability to solo a lot of old content, preferably at least up through the beginning of Cata or late Wotlk. Which of the classes would be worth putting stock into? I also like procs, not a necessity, but it adds flavor and flash.


I also love seeing huge numbers crit, none of this "where is my dps coming from rogue crap" lol


Thanks for the help smile.png

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A Mage! Think of all these cool abilities you're going to get: Ice Block, Cauterize, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Blink, Alter Time, Time Warp, Ice Barrier, Blazing Speed, Spellsteal, Slow Fall, etc.

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