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I don't know what has went wrong with my character since the patch but it seems I am not as efficient now as I used to be I'm just working on my new artifact talents and also getting better geared my level is 887. My question is what are the caps on agility Mastery crit in haste or do I need to keep him all around the same numbers or what any information would be greatly appreciated

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Stat weights are functions of many parameters and change over gear.

Guides usually provide an order for low ilevel and there may be drastic changes as the ilevel raises up. Priorities may also change function of your talent choices.

Hence to best way to get an idea about *your* stat weight is to donwload simucraft @ and run some simulations.

If you're that lazy :o) it seems that agility is king for kitties, meaning unless you drop x versions of a 910 item, just pick the highest ilevel.

Side note : I don't think there are caps in a way where past a certain value the stat become useless. In this extension everything is smoother.

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There definitely is a point where you feel like you're getting enough combo points and more Critical Strike will not help much, but more Mastery is always going to be good. If you reach that point you will probably know it. At 887, chances are you are nowhere near it.

My guideline for myself is to worry about my knowledge of the encounter mechanics first, class mechanics second, and specific gearing decisions are maybe fifth or sixth.

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