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Jade Assassin

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Jade Assassin 

Any Feed Back is Great guys, Thanks upfront. 

      The Idea behind this deck is kill all threats and be the Assassin, all the while building your Jade Army!

Your Synergy Cards are  Shadowcaster  and Vilespine Slayer  along with Shadowstep  and  JADE SPIRIT.  

If you you can pull off a Shadowcaster after your Aya Blackpaw even better.

Other Minions to note in this deck SwashBurglar, Bloodmage Thalnos, Shaku the Collector, and Stonehill Defender.

Your Spell List outside of Jade Shuriken and Shadowstep is Cold Blood, Eviscerate, Envenom Weapon, Shadow Strike, Mimic Pod and a single Thistle Tea.

     Dust total - 7740  

          I have no clue how badly this deck would play on the ladder but So far I've had Success just playing it for fun. 

Hearthstone Screenshot 05-27-17 00.43.04.png

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