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Stored Icicles at Level 70

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This might sound a bit noobish but this is my first frost mage.

At level 70, I have Icicles building up from using Frostbolt. Icon by the minimap stores up to 5 icicles.

Question is, what are they supposed to be doing? I've tried all spells to dump them and they just stay at 5 and count down the timer from one minute. So what spell is supposed to dump the icicles? I don't have the ring of icicles above my head like I see higher level frost mages have. I'm at a loss here.

This is what Mastery: Icicles says:

Mastery: Icicles
Requires Mage (Frost)
Requires level 78
When you damage enemies with Frostbolt, 18.0% of the damage done is stored as an Icicle for 1 min. Also increases the damage done by your Water Elemental by 18.0%.

Casting Ice Lance causes any Icicles stored to begin launching at the target. Up to 5 Icicles can be stored. Excess Icicles will automatically be launched.

So then is this just a "bug" and it shouldn't even be showing? Cuz if what they above says, then this is a blizzard screwup, as casting ice lance does nothing with these charges at level 70.


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