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Hi there,

First of all thanks a lot for all the great work doing there and all the good advice I read through this extension to push my sham and enjoy it.

I am currently at 7/10 MM (soon 8/10 I guess we let it at 1% yesterday), but I feel really low on my logs in MM mode. I don’t have the chance to have the Pristine proto-scale, the eye of the twistint neither nor the Al’Akir’s Akrimony.

Here are my logs, bear in mind that on Tichondrius I am in as enhancement for the sustain :

When I use sim craft to try to improve a bit the Mastery cap does not seems to be the best :

– No mastery cap :
– Mastery cap :

I do follow the priority/rotation suggestion within this very website but I don’t feel like I am pushing my possibilities at 100%.

If someone can give me hand on my logs/damage output I ll be very pleased.



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