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Warlock Preparing for ToS

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I have multiple questions i would like to ask in this post i would appreciate your assistance and advice. 

1. Which Spec would you recommend gearing for pre ToS (legendarys) since i would prefer going into the next patch with the BIS legendary for that spec.
I currently have the BIS belt for Destruction and the Cloak for Destro + the absorb shield neck. I have no other legendary for the other specs. 

2. What are your opinions on the specs for the PTR so far? 

AskMrRobot + Sims 

http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/eu/draenor/elmuniai - Destro - 679058 DPS 
http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/eu/draenor/elmuniai - Affliction 547375 DPS 
http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/eu/draenor/elmuniai - Demo - 514306 DPS 

3. My destro is on 49 traits should i aim to get the Concordance before i start to gear for another spec or increase the AP on other specs? 

4. I have got some warcraftlogs of me when i use to raid on ravencrest doing EM heroic and also my new warcraftlogs since i returned for nighthold listed below i would appreciate if you could take a look and help me understand where i'm going wrong. 

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/charact...rankingzone=10 - Ravencrest old Logs 
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/charact...aenor/elmuniai - New Logs 

The issue with myself is i'm only happy when im playing the top warlock spec in a patch however if i enjoy a certain spec more i would usually just choose that spec but since we need AP and legendary now it makes it more difficult to keep switching! 

I'm semi hardcore raider so i choose spec for PvE i also love mythic+.

In my old Logs when i was doing heroic emerald nightmare you can see my Demo was better parses does this mean maybe i played Demo better than destro (possibly liked it more) for me to be higher percentile? Does this mean i should focus on Demo? 

Any advice is much apprenticed.

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Note that i'm not speaking on pure numbers. Based on pure numbers all specs will likely do well when they're played in the proper fights. (i.e 2 target for destro, low movement ST for demo, add heavy ST for Afflic)

1. Based on the style of fights for ToS, which are mostly ST with add cleave going on, Demo will likely be the best spec. It fits those fights REALLY well, and overall hasn't seen any real buffs or nerfs to it overall. That being said, all three specs will have their place in ToS, Afflock being the "worst" overall. (Long ramp time on add damage)

2. all 3 specs are viable, it's mostly a personal preferance. For me, with the Destro changes i'm going to be mainlining destro, and will likely run Demo for my OS.

3. Get your first 3 or so traits past the newest golden trait in each spec. Doesn't take a lot of grinding to do, and typically only 3 or 4 are big dps boosts (I.E, getting imp damage, dread stalker damage, doom damage on Demo). 

4. My warlock at 888 is able to do about 755kdps on Heroic Elisande. Looking at your log I think I can tell why you only did 500K~ despite being ilvl 901. Wreak Havoc. If you're going to play Destro you need to take Wreak Havoc in ANY fight that you will have big HP adds in. Fights like Heroic Guldan, or Tich, or Eli, or even Botanist are fights you want to take Wreak Havoc on. The only time you want to run Soul Conduit like you did on your Elisande log is on pure ST fights, like Trillax, with feretory of souls, or on stupid add cleave fights like Skorp, where you'll be casting Rain of Fire a lot. My overall rule of thumb is "Does this fight need me to have Havoc up more than 8 seconds for this add to die?" If the awnser is yes, then take Wreak Havoc. If the awnser is no (Like the adds on Krosus) then you take a different talent.

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