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frost mage or mm hunter?

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Hey everyone im having a hard time deciding whether to play MM hunter or frost mage i primarily play m+ i enjoy procs and mobility i dont really  mind single target dps but i like seeing big numbers in aoe would love some opinions on why/why not pros/cons

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The king of mobility is BM Hunter.  Easy to play, hard to master.


Mobility :Choosing between this two specs it's hard to choose, but a hunter will always have more mobility. You only need to stay for Aimed Shots i mean this is really important to manage on fights to maximize dps. Frost mage is not that mobile, in fact fire is more mobile than frost.

AoE : I think MM pulls the bigger numbers in here, but frost has good 2 target cleave with ice lance splitting.

Procs: MM is more realiant on procs, and it varies his dps more so pray to the RNG gods

Conclusion : Mages are mostly more welcome to groups because of Timewarp, raids are always full of Hunters because it's one of the most played classes. If i were you i would play mage ( I play BM myself only because of the unlimited mobility ;) )



Check out Azortharion for MM ( he has written the hunter class guides here)



In terms of Mage i don't know any reliable PvE source unfortunately


Hope i helped

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In honesty, both classes are heavily saturated in terms of number of people playing them, as well as both filling the pure DPS role. Either way, you're going to be filling a very low demand role unless you are very good at what you do. In that case, you should pick whatever you can actually play best. 

Personally, Mage is pretty solid and there's plenty of them in top M+ groups. 

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