Male and Female Necromancer Intro Cinematics

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IGN got a hold of a couple of Diablo 3 devs for a chat and also managed to get the intro cinematics for both the male and female Necromancers. Valerie Watrous, lead lore writer for the DLC, also said we'd be seeing the events of the game from a new perspective, as Necromancers (obviously) have a different view on death.




“They’re much more philosophical and thoughtful than some of our other classes, who are impulsive and rush in,” she said. “If a death disturbs the balance of life and death, it’s more of an academic problem for them than an emotional one.” - Valerie Watrous

Check out the the full article, including some additional insight from Lead VFX Artist Julian Love as well, over at IGN. We still don't know the release date for the new class, but hopefully this means it's getting closer!

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