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Maiden of Vigilance

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2 hours ago, Guest padman said:

There's something broken in the last paragraph of this guide.

In the bottom of the mythic section of the guide

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    • By Stan
      It seems that social distancing is now a thing in Alterac Valley, as more and more players are completing battleground objectives without engaging in PvP.
      The first Alterac Valley end-screen comes from German servers, where the highest-ranked person scored 2 kills.

      The same thing happened today with another battlegroup. The highest-ranked Hunter got an incredible 4 kills!

      Have you experienced this phenomenon yourself?
      Source: Reddit + Reddit
    • By Starym
      Many of us have been struggling with the weekly Soul Ash adventure in the command table, as it's a very difficult one, but not impossible as it seems. Part of the reason the adventure is so hard for some is that it's level seems to be random. In the video below you can see it's level 18, but I and many others have gotten it at level 22. Its level doesn't seem to have any relation to your companion levels either, as the level 18 mission below was completed with two level 22 and two level 15 companions. Both players that we've seen complete the mission were Necrolords, and we do know there are definitely some Covenant advantages to the command table.
      In any case, let's take a look at quietly41's run so we can get some hope we'll get it done some day!
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      We've seen all the crazy 1-shots players have been doing in the tower of the damned. We've seen the naked boss solos and the Voidwalker solos. But now it's time for the rats to have their day.
      Delivastus and company decided that just killing the Warden of Souls wasn't quite enough and they wanted to humiliate him. So how DO you actually kill a boss with Mawrats? Well, we've all see the exploding Mawrat anima power, Bloating Fodder, but how do you get enough of them to the final boss? Well, turns out all you need is a mage and Alluring Cheese, which is very appropriately named. (If you're the impatient type, skip to 2:25 for instant action.)
      If only they had 1 more rat, it could have been a 1-shot! But the message is, rats > skeletal dog it seems. I'm really loving these Torghast shenanigans and can't wait for the new wings, floors and even seasonal mechanics to arrive!
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      It's time to look at SimulationCraft's updated preliminary pre-raid DPS simulations now that most of the profiles have been updated with Legendary Powers and Conduits.
      DISCLAIMER: Note that the simulations are a work in progress, and they've been conducted using a Patchwerk (nuke boss-style) template. SimulationCraft is open source, and you can contribute to making it better!
      The first time we looked at the pre-raid simulations, not all sim profiles had Legendaries, and proper Conduit ranks were implemented (all Warlock specs and Windwalker Monks specifically). The chart looked like this.

      It appears the missing sim profiles have now been updated, so you will mostly notice some Warlock/WW Monk rank increases.

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    • By Starym
      If you haven't been back to BfA in a while, you might not have noticed that something weird is happening in the previous expansion, as players are noticing a lot of pretty powerful mobs basically everywhere. It seems the mobs scale to your item level, making them almost as powerful as Shadowlands mobs, as players are running into difficulty even soloing quest elites and similar.
      You can find plenty more examples of player frustration with the system in the two reddit threads above.
      Another factor to consider there is Azerite gear and essences. While both of those still work in BfA content, basically no player will have those equipped anymore, making the mobs that much more difficult, relatively speaking. Now that doesn't mean that the mobs are crazy hard or anything similar, but they do take quite a bit of time to handle, and it's really hurting the power-feel RPGs generally have. We're now 10 levels stronger and it's really not showing on previous expansion mobs, not to mention the item level increase within Shadowlands itself. When an elite quest takes you a long time to do, with some players even having trouble completing them and giving up half-way through, something's not quite right.
      The issues carries over into BfA dungeons and raids as well, making it that much more frustrating, as the squish didn't really keep the same ratio of difficulty in any of the content. BfA mobs simply shouldn't scale past level 50 and the max item level for the expansion, 140.
      What do you think about the item level scaling in general, whether it's related to BfA, older expansions or even Shadowlands itself?
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