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2 hours ago, Guest padman said:

There's something broken in the last paragraph of this guide.

In the bottom of the mythic section of the guide

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    • By Stan
      A preview of new Trial of Style Head cosmetics added in Patch 10.0.5.
      Blizzard added multiple new Head cosmetics to the game with the latest update. Each item costs 25 Trial of Style Tokens. You can buy them from Transmogrifiers in capital cities.
      Green Beanie

      Dread Captain's Chapeau

      Alley Skulker's Bandana

      Stevedore's Skullcap

      Well-Worn Tricorne

    • By Staff
      Blizzard have announced a brand new Twitch drop! Starting February 1st players will be eligible for the Goblin Weather Machine by watching at least 4 hours of any Dragonflight stream!
      Twitch Drop (Source)
      The adventures in Dragonflight continue, and with it, more Twitch Drops! Watch any Dragonflight stream on Twitch.tv from February 1, 10:00 a.m. PST until February 5, 23:59 p.m. PST, to earn the Goblin Weather Machine, a toy featuring limited climate-altering properties. Get yours and enjoy sunny weather anywhere you go!*
      *Sunny weather not guaranteed. Goblin-made machines undergo somewhat rigorous testing and are mostly safe to use. Our goblin engineers are not responsible for any permanent climate changes brought to Azeroth, Outland, the Dragon Isles, or any other realms due to misuse of this toy. Void where prohibited.
      To participate, you must link your Twitch account by visiting https://account.battle.net/connections. If you have changed your password or made any changes to your Twitch or Battle.net account, you will have to relink your accounts. When you relink, there will be a 7-day cooldown before you can relink a new Twitch account. After you’ve claimed your rewards on Twitch, please make sure you’re logging into the Battle.net region you’d like to receive the drop(s) on, as the first region you log into will be where your items will be delivered. It can take up to 24 hours to receive your reward(s) in game after claiming. Read our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.
      How do I Earn Twitch Drops?
      Watch at least four hours of WoW: Dragonflight content while this Twitch Drop is active on any channel to earn the climate-altering Goblin Weather Machine toy.

      Frequently Asked Questions
      Q. How do I link my battle.net and Twitch account?
      A. Sign into your Battle.net account at https://account.battle.net/connections and click the Connect link for Twitch, then follow the instructions to sign-in and link your Twitch account to Battle.net.
      Q. What devices can I use to earn and claim drops?
      A. You can earn and claim drops using your PC/Mac web browser or on the Twitch app for Android or iOS. Twitch apps on game consoles, smart TVs, and other TV apps do not support drops.
      Q. Do I need to watch the same channel the entire time to earn my drops?
      A. You can earn progress towards a drop on any eligible channel in the World of Warcraft category on Twitch. You can, for example, watch half an hour on one channel and then switch to another channel without losing your progress. You cannot earn progress faster by watching more than one channel at a time.
      Q. Will I receive my drop rewards in-game automatically?
      A. To receive your rewards, you must claim the drop on the channel you’re watching or in the Drops Inventory menu on Twitch.
      Q. Do Twitch Drop rewards expire?
      A. Earned Twitch Drop rewards will expire 7 days after they’ve been claimed if a Battle.net account has not been linked.
      Q. As a streamer, how do I get Twitch Drops on my channel?
      A. All you need to do is make sure your Twitch and Battle.net accounts are linked, and that you’re opted into Drops (see Drops Streamer Home).
      Q. What regions are eligible for these Twitch Drops?
      A. Participating regions include North America, Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.
    • By Starym
      A new patch is upon us and it brought some major changes to the specs with a huge round of tuning last week, so it's time we check out the results. As we head into week 7 of the Vault of the Incarnates we'll also be switching to a primary focus on the Mythic numbers, as there are now enough guilds clearing the raid and plenty of logs to base the rankings off of!
      95th Percentile
      We're back to Mythic first here in 10.0.5 and it's off with a bang as we have a new No.1, and it comes pretty much out of nowhere, rising 8 spots and grabbing the top - congrats to Shadow! The Priest spec pushes Devastation down to 2nd, and 3rd is another out of nowhere situation, as the newly buffed Arms leaps up even more, 12 spaces into bronze. Subtlety drops one in this new patch upheaval, as Retribution is still doing very well, even rising a spot! Enhancement is another patch beneficiary, gaining a spot, as Frost DKs gain two. The Druids meet in the middle as Balance falls off a cliff to land just above Feral, losing 6 spots as Havoc only loses one and closes out the top 10. The bottom 3 stay exactly the same, although Survival only has a couple of hundred logs registered, so there may be some wiggle room there - if players actually take up the spec in the future.

      95th percentile Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.
      All Percentiles
      Shadow reigns supreme in the generalist bracket as well, with Subtletly and Arms right behind it. Devastation actually rises here from the previous week, as Balance falls a little and Outlaw falls a lot to make room for the newcomers. Havoc remains steady in 7th, with Feral, Retribution and Windwalker all dropping a few spots and closing out the top 10. Frost Mage manages to dig out of the very bottom, leaving BM and Destro to languish there, with no movement for them since the patch.

      All percentiles Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.
      Healer HPS
      Healers also got some significant changes with the patch, but it did not affect the very top spec, as Preservation is only moving ahead of the pack even more, with Restoration moving into 2nd. Holy lost not one but two spots, as Mistweavers also passed them by, moving ahead of both the Priest spec as well as the Shaman. Discipline moved out of last spot, as Paladins now occupy the bottom of the list.
      All percentiles Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.
      Tank DPS
      The tank DPS list also changed since the last time we checked in, with Brewmasters moving into 2nd and pushing Warriors and DHs down, as the rest remained the same.

      All percentiles Mythic data by Warcraft Logs.
      Heroic DPS
      We see an entirely different setup for the Heroic rankings, as Affliction has come out of nowhere and moved 10 spots up to take the top spot, with the so-far worst Rogue spec now becoming the best, as Assassination takes the second spot. Arcane didn't go too far from its previous top spot, dropping to 3rd, while Subtletly proves a stable choice throughout the changes, and Unholy doesn't fall too far either. We then see the new Mythic hotness show its face here as well, with Shadow "only" gaining 3 spots, but it's likely to go even further up in the coming weeks. The bottom three changed completely here in Heroic, with the Mages escaping the dead zone by quite a bit, leaving Destruction, Frost DK and Elemental to commiserate at the bottom.

      All percentiles Heroic data by Warcraft Logs.
      Meanwhile you can check out our Dragonflight class guides here or our Vault of the Incarnates guide here, as well as more data from Warcrat Logs here.
    • By Staff
      The weekly World of Warcraft maintenance is scheduled for tomorrow at 7:00 AM PST and the estimated downtime is 4 hours.
      Game Game Start   End Comments World of Warcraft: Dragonflight 01/31/2023, 7:00AM - 01/31/2023, 11:00AM Game unavailable during this time. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic 01/31/2023, 7:00AM - 01/31/2023, 11:00AM Game unavailable during this time. World of Warcraft: Classic 01/31/2023, 7:00AM - 01/31/2023, 11:00AM Game unavailable during this time. All times are in PST.
      Please follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for further updates.
      Source: Official Website
    • By Stan
      We're looking at the most popular specializations for Mythic+ this week!
      Data Reliability
      The data used in this article is taken from BestKeystone.com, a site updated every 30 minutes, with new Keystone runs. You can join their community Discord if you would like to find out more. 
      To determine the most popular specializations this week, we will be looking at the number of runs performed by each specialization.
      This week's affixes are Fortified, Bolstering, Storming, and Thundering.
      The Most Popular Healers in Mythic+
      Restoration Druid -- 15824 (39.58%) runs Preservation Evoker -- 11703 (29.27%) runs Holy Priest -- 3637 (9.1%) runs Holy Paladin -- 3312 (8.28%) runs Restoration Shaman -- 2448 (6.12%) runs Discipline Priest -- 2278 (5.7%) runs Mistweaver Monk -- 782 (1.96%) runs
      The Most Popular Tanks in Mythic+
      Protection Warrior -- 17001 (42.48%) runs Protection Paladin -- 6910 (17.27%) runs Blood Death Knight -- 6658 (16.64%) runs Vengeance Demon Hunter -- 5248 (13.11%) runs Brewmaster Monk -- 2661 (6.65%) runs Guardian Druid -- 1545 (3.86%) runs
      The Most Popular DPS in Mythic+
      Havoc Demon Hunter --  14338 (11.95%) runs Outlaw Rogue -- 12941 (10.79%) runs Windwalker Monk -- 9453 (7.88%) runs Enhancement Shaman -- 8036 (6.7%) runs Balance Druid -- 7855 (6.55%) runs Marksmanship Hunter -- 7750 (6.46%) runs Shadow Priest -- 7242 (6.04%) runs Subtlety Rogue -- 6572 (5.48%) runs Demonology Warlock -- 5636 (4.7%) runs Fury Warrior -- 5077 (4.23%) runs Destruction Warlock -- 5065 (4.22%) runs Frost Mage -- 4340 (3.62%) runs Unholy Death Knight -- 3820 (3.18%) runs Devastation Evoker -- 3373 (2.81%) runs Arcane Mage -- 3158 (2.63%) runs Arms Warrior -- 2921 (2.43%) runs Feral Druid -- 2740 (2.28%) runs Beast Mastery Hunter -- 2635 (2.2%) runs Elemental Shaman -- 1843 (1.54%) runs Retribution Paladin -- 1825 (1.52%) runs Fire Mage -- 1644 (1.37%) runs Affliction Warlock -- 760 (0.63%) runs Assassination Rogue -- 567 (0.47%) runs Frost Death Knight -- 206 (0.17%) runs Survival Hunter -- 193 (0.16%) runs
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